Sherry Lansing’s Wisdom, Vision, and Humanity

Sherry in Make It Better orange (of course!)

Sherry Lansing is a Hollywood legend – the first female to run a major motion picture studio. And she was phenomenally successful in that role – producing hits like Forrest Gump, Braveheart and Titanic.

She also has been successful at other important life endeavors – family life with her husband, director William Friedkin and his sons, and giving back strategically through Stand Up To Cancer and the Sherry Lansing Foundation to fund cancer research most likely to see successful results in the near future (over $180 million raised to date!)

Sherry’s a Chicago girl at heart, she grew up here and graduated from Lab School and Northwestern, and she returned yesterday to speak at the Rush Women’s Board luncheon which raised funds for one of the hospital’s cancer initiatives.

Her advice:

Love what you do – follow your passions

Don’t give up

Enjoy the journey – your days along the way

And embrace your age. 60 is the new 60. It is refreshing to see a female Hollywood icon with beautiful wrinkles.

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