Finding the Shine

What makes you shine?

Expectant mothers glow; later, they nurture as much shine in their children as possible.

Great performers, athletes, teachers, leaders shine as they play, teach, inspire.

And our “Best of 2012” winners shine in their chosen professions – which is why they earned so many votes from our digital audience.

Given our rapidly changing world, doing as much of whatever makes you shine seems the wisest way to live and work. Live fully! If you’re destined to work hard, love the work you do.

Back in the day, I planned to have the national norm 2.2 kids and leave them home with a nanny in order to continue my Sidley & Austin legal career. But, we make our plans and God laughs. I didn’t shine at the office and arguing with opposing counsel nearly as much as I did with my children in my arms, on my lap, in tow wherever I went.

So I chose laying down the law full-time with lots of kids instead of practicing it.

Now, I shine when I hear someone say that they liked something I wrote or a connection I made. That is why I founded Make It Better Media. I feed my shine and help others find theirs.

Our very talented Make It Better staff shines in their work to provide you the most-trusted, easiest to use community resource and magazine that helps you make your life, and the lives of others, better. We particularly shine – and even drop everything to do a happy dance – whenever someone praises our work or reports that we helped make their life better.

So what makes you and yours shine? Are you – and they – doing it enough?

If you are pursuing shine successfully and becoming the person that destiny intends, please share your story with us. And if you aren’t yet doing so, we probably have a resource online at that will help.

We love finding and nurturing the shine.

Shining wet MIBs, working a community fair. Me, Suzy Guyot Hilbrant, Michelle Weiss

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