Brooks On Humility and Leadership

NY Times Columnist David Brooks offered pearls of wisdom in Chicago at the Executives’ Club of Chicago luncheon yesterday:

Humility and success often go hand in hand, he explained, citing Chicago’s Lester Crown as a perfect example. Furthermore, understanding emotional biases and weaknesses in general, and developing strategies to compensate for them, is integral to good leadership. We’re born with inherent biases – how we deal with them makes all the difference.

As Ida Eisenhower taught her 5 Star General and US President son Dwight: “He that conquers his own soul is greater than he who conquers a city.” Eisenhower claimed this quote as his most important life lesson – and one he had to relearn throughout his career.

Eisenhower visiting with his mother, Ida, in 1943, Courtesy of the Eisenhower Library.

Thanks to Stacy Keefe and WBEZ for making my life better by treating me to this luncheon and these lessons.

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