Bird Lady, Friends, and the Migration Of Millions

The Bird Lady of Ryerson Woods. Costume designed by Ryerson Woods staff.

At last night’s Friends of Ryerson Woods 30th Anniversary celebration, we learned that millions–no exaggeration, millions–of birds like the ones featured on the costume above migrate at night through the North Shore each spring and fall. Internationally renowned expert Kenn Kaufman charmed the audience with his passion and knowledge of bird migration.

For example, tiny, four-inch-long warblers, weighing no more than one ounce, fly thousands of miles, from Argentina to the Arctic Circle, stopping to rest in our trees during the day. The best time to see them is at day break–they fly just above the trees looking for a place to rest during daylight.

We also learned that the Friends Of Ryerson Woods is a wonderful organization to support for many reasons. We particularly appreciate its collaboration with Mano A Mano in order to encourage Ryerson Woods’s use by under-resourced youth.  This provides access to and education about nature, conservation and art that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Me, Kate Sackman, Bird Lady of Ryerson Woods, Ellen Stirling

Many thanks to Ellen Stirling for including us. We will be proud to help amplify this wonderful organization’s work going forward.

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