Live Blogging our Awards Today – Please Follow And Celebrate With Us

Please Follow Our Awards Delivery Today – National Philanthropy Day

“If you have the chance to help someone, and you don’t do it, then you are wasting your time on this earth.” – Roberto Clemente (and Mark George of the Music Institute Of Chicago)

In honor of National Philanthropy Day, Make It Better Media and its Foundation recognize its 2013 Philanthropy Award winners with an all-day awards delivery tour and evening celebration, which will be live blogged here and Tweeted at

Please follow and celebrate with us.

View the video from last year to see just how fun this is:

Last year, eight organizations benefited from the awards, using the videos prominently for marketing on the web and at fundraising events.

“With the help of that video, we were able to increase our fundraising by 64 percent,” says Tom Daily, Program Director of Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association, a 2012 Philanthropy Award winner.

“I can’t think of a better gift to give a young nonprofit than a way to effectively communicate their mission,” says Robin Lavin, Executive Board Director of SPARK Chicago, Philanthropy Award 2012 winner. “With these fabulous videos, we’ve done exactly that.”

Last year’s winners joined the judges panel which included judges from sponsors Walgreens, JPMorgan. Wintrust, and Autohaus and venture philanthropy experts Liam Krehbiel, Founder of A Better Chicago, and Ben Kovlar and Ron Levin, of Invest For Kids, as well as Make It Better staff.

A full list of last year’s winners and their organization videos are available on Make It Better’s site:

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