Recommended – Val’s List app

So proud to recommend that you stop, drop and download Val’s List app. Music lists made easier and better by our own Make It Better music columnist, Val Haller:

Val's List

note from Val  (owner/founder

Dear friends,
For the past six years has had one mission: to help busy adults keep up with new music. We know you’re busy, we know there’s a sea of music out there, we know you ask your kids to download for you. We want to take the hassle out of the music search, by doing it for you. We’ve introduced you to the best new artists, hand-picked their best tracks, and curated the playlists we know you need – for your parties, your run, your life. You’ve been downloading these playlists from our website, and we thank you!
In 2014 it’s gonna get a whole lot easier…Our new app, ValslistRadio will put all of our playlists right on your phone. We’re going mobile and we hope you go with us. The app is available in the iTunes App Store now. If new music is one of your New Year’s resolutions, check it off your list. We took care of it for you.
We’ve spent the past year creating a music app that’s different from the rest. It’s not all the music in the world. It’s not too much information. Who needs 10 million songs? Who wants to sift through all the new albums? I believe that sometimes you just want to press PLAY and go. ValslistRadio is a streaming music app with playlists done for you.
We worked tirelessly with our developer to create an app that’s user-friendly for adults yet cutting edge for a twenty-something, including the newest music mixed with classic gems…
Valslist is known for bridging the gap. So if you’ve lost track, welcome back.
We’re different:
  • Our app is  $2.99.  No subscriptions.  No ads.
  • We add new playlists every week to keep you current.
  • All the music is hand-picked by me – no computer algorithms.
  • We have 3 types of playlists:  THE LISTS (my signature playlists – mixed genres), GUEST (personal playlists from artists like John Oates, Goo Goo Dolls, Andrew Belle), & THEME (chill, workout, inspire, dinner party, adventure, party…)
  • We’re all about new music BUT we sprinkle in vintage tracks on every playlist.
  • If you hear a song you can’t live without – you can buy it from our app.
  • The app costs less than a greeting card. Go buy some good headphones/speakers.
  • BONUS:  you can GIFT our app to your friends (straight from the AppStore)
If you’ve enjoyed Valslist over the years, please give the app a try and let me know what you think!  If you like it, please pass it onto your friends…

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