Make It Better Grows and Changes

Just keeping all of my readers and Make it Better Fans about changes going on. We are very grateful for your time. Please read and enjoy learning more about our organization!November 2014 Make it Better

Some Announcement,  with great pleasure:

On Monday, October 13, Michelle Morris joins Make It Better as our Associate Publisher.  We enticed her away from Conde Nast, where she served as Midwest Advertising Sales Director for Parade magazine.  She is the perfect person to help us grow into Chicago and beyond.

Michelle joins Mindy, Megan, Julie, Sandy, Lesley and me as a member of our Executive Committee.  Megan, as Ad Sales Manager, and the rest of the ad sales staff, will report to Michelle. She understands well and is excited about our company’s collaborative culture too.

As of tomorrow, Mindy and I job share the CEO role – insuring smooth management and a strong presence in our office while we also travel more to grow this precious business.

Our new site officially launches on November 18.  We celebrate this, our expansion into Chicago, our 2014 Philanthropy Award winners (who you will help notify during our November 14 live-blogged road show) and our magazine’s 5th Anniversary at the best party we’ve ever thrown – at 27 Live in Evanston.

Nancy Searle will be our first $10,000 sponsor of a Philanthropy Award! This is particularly spectacular news because Nancy is one of the most strategic thinking and well regarded philanthropists in Chicago. (You might remember her from the Education Innovators cover story.)

Thank You to All of the Amazing Make it Better Staffers;   Your talent and trustworthy, creative, hard work led to all this success – starting with John Lavine, the Kitchen Cabinet and Cheryl Berman.  You honored our worthy mission to be the most trusted, easiest to use community resource and helped grow Make It Better Media.

Mindy Fauntleroy. Everything Mindy touches succeeds and shines.  We wouldn’t have our first (and particularly fantastic) Philanthropy Award sponsor, super successful MIB events or outstanding new Associate Publisher hire but for Mindy’s work.  I’m forever in Mindy Faunteroyher debt for answering the Make It Better call and now for accepting the title of CoCEO.

Julie Chernoff.  She is not only a brilliant writer, editor and organizer, Julie is the consummate Make It Better woman.  She nurtures the best from our staff and her free lance writers – thereby growing our audience and community resource network. Julie works long, long hours for not Julie Chernoffenough pay and still finds time to make better every other community she touches too.

Megan Holbrook. Megan consistently proves that we hire winners with can do and always will Make It Better attitudes. Megan accepts every challenge and makes our business stronger in the process.  She watches out for, lifts up, and makes better the rest of our talented ad sales staff  – Patti, Julie, Denise – too.Megan Holbrook

Sandy Sandy TsuchidaTsuchida.  She has everyone’s back.  Our operations are complicated, but Sandy runs them all well and without complaint.  I suspect that each of you – like me – count Sandy’s work for you as a blessing.

Lesley Smith.  Want to know the definition of crazy hard work?  Be the Art Director for a community resource and magazine celebrating its 5th anniversary, launching a Chicago footprint and new website, while being charged with making all of our many activities easy to understood and look gorgeous – often on the weekend.

We outgrew our current site many, many months ago and she isn’t a full time social networker, but Lindsay still grows our stats and our uber valuable network.  She’s likely working double time bringing the new site to life too.

Lindsay RosemanLindsay Roseman.  We outgrew our current site many, many months ago and she isn’t a full time social networker, but Lindsay still grows our stats and our uber valuable network.  She’s likely working double time bringing the new site to life too.

Katy Nielsen.  Such a talented, connected videographer!  We will grow MIB TV because Katy cares and understands how to create and improve communities with compelling, problem solving video stories.

David Canada, Adam Rubin and SureCan Productions.  Despite the production demands of network tv, David answered our Make It Better call and sent Adam (the perfect person for the job) and team to bring to life our Philanthropy Award videos.  The rest is history.  And – like our website and company – the Philanthropy Awards will take a giant leap forward this coming year too.

Sharon Krone.  She’s been heaven sent to our family since her days as a student at Northwestern University – perfectly trained to grow philanthropic best practices and a business while nurturing a great family and community too.  A lesser woman than Sharon would have been made crazy by this journey long ago. She provides calm guidance and support instead.

Stacey McClenathan & Beeline.  Stacey et al are not only bringing our online vision to life, they suggest strategies that will quickly allow Make It Better to grow Shop For Good and become relevant to large businesses who take seriously their corporate social responsibility and employee relations.

I’m extremely proud and looking forward to the next round of making it better for everyone.



1 thought on “Make It Better Grows and Changes

  1. Michelle Morris and I have been good friends for over 20 years – since our Daily Herald days. You couldn’t have found a better person to help take Make It Better to the next level!

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