12 Keys to NonProfit Fundraising

21ST Century NonProfit Fundraising

BY Susan B. Noyes

We built Make It keys to fundraisingBetter Media to amplify philanthropy and fundraising, harnessing the digital world’s power to connect and help. We know that our audience is inherently inclined to do good and do well. We want to help your favorite nonprofit, too. The following strategies, Make It Better’s tools and powerful publishing ecosystem, we can help you raise more money for your cause.

1. Use emotion and data.

Create a short, heartfelt story, article or video which demonstrates its impact. Back up the story with information on your area of focus, demonstrating the need and your capability to provide it.

2. Let your passion show.

Explain why you care about the nonprofit. Share your personal journey which led you to work on the cause. This will influence others.

3. Tell an engaging story that brings the mission of your nonprofit to life.
Use a short video and article to demonstrate how one person, family or community was helped. Make the audience laugh, cry, think and want to take action.

4. Use venture philanthropy language to prove that donations will be well spent.
Donors want to fund a mission that works. Use data to prove that—given its mission—your nonprofit makes the most lives better per dollar spent.

5. Harness the power of the Internet to make it easy for anyone in the world to find, learn about and support your nonprofit.
Build a website and social network that is search-engine optimized. Include a prominent “Donate Here” button.NonProfit Fundraising

6. Use an “online first” content creation strategy.

Post content on your site first, than push through other appropriate channels, including press releases and social networking.

7. Use crowdsourcing to raise money for your cause.

Crowdfunding8. Develop an easy-to-attend fundraiser that is also FUNraising.
Create an event that potential supporters will enjoy. Make it easy to attend. Give supporters a wonderful experience and they will give generously to your cause.

9. Attract and keep volunteers by making their work fun and meaningful.
People are too busy to lend their time and reputation
to a cause that doesn’t educate, entertain and connect them to okeys to fundraisingthers in a meaningful way.

10. Be innovative and collaborative. Create win/win, virtuous circles for potential business and celebrity sponsors.
The fundraising future belongs to those who create innovative virtuous circles—connecting audience and sponsors to an outstanding nonprofit working on a cause about which they all care.

11. Tap into your personal network for sukeys to fundraisingpport.
Reach out to your friends and family to ask them to help via your personal social network. If you care, they
will care.

12. Say thank you—and mean it.

Thank supporters the way Chicago votes: early and often. Thank them online, in print and in person, but remember the best thank you of all is still a hand-written note.


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