Join us as Make It Better Media Expands

Make it Better Magazine Hello Dear Readers,

With this November,  we not only celebrate the 5th anniversary of our print magazine Make It Better, but we also announce that we’re expanding our footprint beyond the North Shore into Chicago, awarding our 3rd Annual Philanthropy Awards in a live-blogged roadshow on November 14th, and celebrating those awards and the launch of a spectacular new website on November 18th with a party at 27 Live, an exciting entertainment venue in Evanston.

We know our readers of Make It BetterMake it Better Magazine Magazine; you are well-educated, affluent women who care passionately about family, community, helping others and finding the best resources for home, health, finances, fashion, education, dining and entertainment.  Our mission is to be the most trusted, easiest-to-use community resource that helps you make your life and the lives of others better—online, in print and in person. We’ve grown a wonderful community network of people, businesses and nonprofits by passionately honoring this mission, and for that we are grateful.

We invite you to join us by:

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  • »  Joining our social networks for Make It Better; Facebook , Twitter,  Pinterest .
  •     Reading our online version of Make It Better
  • »  Supporting our advertisers
  • »  Using all of our helpful online content and activities at
  • »  Making Make It Better a media sponsor of your upcoming fundraiser
  • »  Requesting to receive future issues of this magazine by subscribing here
  • »  Celebrating with us on November 18th
    You are important to Make It Better. Please contact me anytime to learn more at or please find me on Facebook, LinkedIN, and Twitter.Make it better magazine

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