Misa 4 Love Art Therapy for Kids in Need

Misa for Love Foundation

Please join me to thank and celebrate the wonderful Misa Art for honoring her gifts and founding the Misa 4 Love Foundation, which brings art therapy and education to as many children as possible. Almost losing her life in a serious hit-and-run car accident inspired Art to listen to her internal calling. She now focuses on using her creative and intuitive gifts to help in-need youth express themselves.Love United from Boys and Girls club with Misa for Love

Today, the Misa For Love Foundation provides at-risk children with a form of art therapy, facilitating emotional and physical healing through painting. Launched in 2013, Misa for Love has worked with children at the Boys & Girls ClubCenter for Independence and Conductive Education and the Sinai Community Institute.

To support her Foundation and others that help the kids,  Art frames and sells the children’s work. Last year, she partnered with children attending the Chicago and Countryside locations of the Center for Independence’s program to create a painting inspired by the organization’s logo. It was auctioned at the organization’s annual fundraiser and all the proceeds went to support intensive motor training for children with physical disabilities.

“Art is a great way to help children naturally, whether it’s with anxiety or other issues,” she says. SeeMisa 4 Love this video montage about Misa and watch Misa with the kids she works with at this beautiful video of her 2013 Dream Project here, too.

The world needs more Misa Arts. We need people who use their gifts, act on their calling and make a difference for others as much as we need to grow art therapy opportunities for every child and every struggling adult.

Thank you Misa!

Boys and Girls Club with Misa 4 Love


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