Women Power Makes History At Chicagoland Chamber Breakfast

Women on the rise or already at the top were the stars of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Annual Breakfast Meeting June 7.

Google President Margo Georgiadis, who I recently interviewed, gave a keynote speech every business can learn from.

Sophie Evanoff, owner of Vanille Patisserie, won the James Tyree Emerging Business Leadership Award and credited her success to upholding the community values and importance of giving back her parents fostered as she grew up, and maintaining these principles as a core mission of her business.

Theresa E. Mintle, chamber president and CEO, contributed significantly to making the event a powerful and inspiring one, leaving attendees moved to become more involved in the coming year.

This much female power on stage also made history for the Chamber and was accompanied by substantial good news about Chicago, too. Despite the drumbeat of bad news in the press, Chicago is a city with plan that makes sense. AT&T President and outgoing Chair of the Chamber, Paul LaSchiazza, focused on the “spectacular growth” in the last two years that has contributed to making “Chicago the best city in the world in which to work, live and visit. The best city.”

Mayor Rahm Emanual emphasized the fact that independent studies by organizations like McKinsey have found Chicago to be the second-strongest city economy in the country, thanks to diverse sectors, an abundance of “talent, transportation and technology” and a plan to further develop unlimited talent pools for the businesses poised to grow the most by linking community colleges to relevant industries through effective training programs.

Powerful positive community connections proliferate when women are at the power tables, as they were today.

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