Let’s Make It Better Together: Trevor Noah, Chewbacca Mom and Charles Tillman Provide Inspiration and Conversation Starters

It has to stop. Our country is better than this.

The shootings. The racial bias. The deafening silence of inaction. The standoffs on either side of the aisle in Congress. It all has to stop.

Everyone needs to help.

But, if you are like me, living in a safe, progressive suburb largely insulated from the bigotry, fear and guns, it can be hard to know where to start.

The first step is just to talk about it with love. With your kids, family, friends, at dinner, at the club, on your social networks.

Here are three inspiring reference points to help you start the conversation:

On “The Daily Show” three days ago, Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah offered an impassioned plea for everyone to be “pro-black” and “pro-police.”

“You shouldn’t have to choose between the police and the citizens they are sworn to protect.”

Texas mom Candace Payne shot to viral fame when she donned a just-purchased talking Chewbacca mask in her car and shared the experience on Facebook. In this new video, Payne channels Adele and sings Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World.”

In an interview with Make It Better’s Willie Griswold, published today, NFL great Charles “Peanut” Tillman describes why he is passionate about supporting police, the military, and children in need, and explains his dedication to opportunities to serve others.

Tillman spent 12 years with the Chicago Bears before heading to the Carolina Panthers in 2015. He’s been to two Super Bowls, two Pro Bowls and earned the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award in 2013 for his work through his Cornerstone Foundation.

After his daughter Tiana received a heart transplant as a baby, Tillman founded Cornerstone in order to pay forward his blessings and help other critically and chronically ill children and their families.

“We took a negative situation, a bad situation, a tough situation and we turned it around and we tried to make the best of it.”

Tillman’s is exactly the attitude we need in America right now. Let’s please follow the lead of these three celebrities and add our voices to this opportunity to turn our country around.

It starts with love.

As Tillman says, “As I get older I get wiser and I read more — just love, man. We’re here to serve one another and we’re here to love one another. I can help you. You can help two other people. Those two other people can help four … That cycle, the love, the gift, the giving, you got to keep it going.”

Our gifts in America are great. Let’s please be mindful of this and do what we can to pay it forward and to stop the ignorance, belligerence and violence. We can make it better together.

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