Prayers for Crushers Club Please

As you know, we love creating powerful virtuous circles of support for the most impactful nonprofits at Make It Better. This is why we started our Philanthropy Awards. We’re particularly proud of supporting Crushers Club with one of these awards. Please watch this short video to understand why:

Cubs Manager Joe Madden and Cubs Charities joined forces with Crushers Club soon after the organization received our award too. Please see Joe and Connie Falcone of Cubs Charities in action here:

Perhaps our favorite success story though is that Sally Schneiders and her family found a calling to support Crushers Club because of our award. And now she asks for one more powerful thing for it: Prayers. Please see Sally’s heartfelt plea below and add your prayers too. Thank you.


Just a few minutes ago, I was half way out the door on a run, but my phone rang. It was Sally Hazelgrove.

I picked it up, thinking she was going to confirm with me what time I would be arriving at Crusher’s today. I had butter softening on the counter in the kitchen, for the cookies I was going to bake and bring out to Englewood, along with donations for “carbo fests” from a couple of you (thanks!)

Sally had a hard time talking so I knew something was up, but I wasn’t prepared for what she was going to say. So many magical things were happening at Crusher’s — so many stories and so many kids powerfully impacted by her love and faith in them. Her “program”!

She told me in halting tones there are serious death threats against her … She is not sure why but thinks Facebook, or ‘cyber gangbanging,’ is the root of all of this. Sally has spoken out against the gangs, and certain members “hate on her.” 

Sally is often impervious to death threats with her faith in God, but this time she feels very human, and very scared for herself, her own children, and her Crusher’s kids.

She told me it was too dangerous for me to go out there today. So now what? Those kids need her, they need me, they need a lot of people to care about them. How do we do it without going out to Englewood?

For now, she asked me, please pray. And get others to pray for all of this to pass. She believes profoundly in the strength of our combined prayer and so I am asking you to do this. Please pray for Sally Hazelgrove and all of the kids in Englewood. 

I do not know what else to do!! Thanks for all of your past support and I PRAY I can go out there again soon — bring cookies and see them spar, make music, laugh, free to be themselves.

Thanks again!

Sally S.

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