Michael Rosengarden, Autohaus on Edens Host 2017 LAUNCH Fashion Show April 9

So here’s the deal about Michael Rosengarden, owner of Autohaus on Edens and Northbrook Toyota, attentive husband of Andrea, father of three great young adults, founder of the annual LAUNCH fashion show that provides scholarships for promising fashion design graduates of Columbia College and supports a different local nonprofit every year, and supporter of shelters for abused women and children, cancer research, Illinois Holocaust Museum and more.

Michael Rosengarden is awesome and he doesn’t act like he knows this about himself either.  He’s just trying to do the next right thing each day of his life.

Rosengarden believes, “If you have the opportunity to help, to give a person a lift up, you do it.” He continues, “It’s how I raised my kids. I told them, you can’t just walk past someone who needs help. You have to do something about it if you can.”

He’s a little quirky too. Rosengarden knows what he likes and just keeps doing it. For example, he likes work so he doesn’t venture far from it during the day. He likes lunch at The Happ Inn. More specifically, he likes Happ Inn cheeseburgers. So when he doesn’t dine out there for lunch, he just orders in a Happ Inn cheeseburger instead.

It was over a recent lunch at a Happ Inn corner table that Rosengarden explained how he feels about giving and helping, in anticipation of the 2017 LAUNCH: Driving Fashion Forward event at Autohaus on Sunday, April 9. This will be the sixth annual LAUNCH event.

“When you teach someone about the power of giving — when they had no idea how good it would make them feel — they come to life,” he declares as he dips his first French fry into ketchup. He comes a bit more to life as he digs into his cheeseburger too.

“The organizations that I support are the ones that others won’t, like the ACLU.” He grimaces. “Our country needs this organization now more than ever too!”

He is also working harder than ever to help raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. The Chicago Awards Dinner will be held only a few days before LAUNCH on April 3 at the Chicago Four Seasons Hotel. The actress Bonnie Hunt is Master of Ceremonies. “Bonnie is a hoot and a relentless advocate for cancer research,” Rosengarden says. He shows me the photo below from last year’s event.


Back row: Adam Friedberg, Michael Rosengarden, Derrick Blakley, Jon Lester and Anthony Rizzo. Front row: Stephanie Rosengarden, Alyssa Friedberg, Sugar Ray Leonard, Andrea Rosengarden and Bonnie Hunt.

Roesengarden rattles off a number of other organizations he champions between bites. “I’m really passionate about A Safe Place and Prevent Child Abuse America.”

This year’s LAUNCH benefits the Women’s Leadership Committee of the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center. Roesengarden knows how to bring community together and throw a good party too. LAUNCH will include bar bites provided by Morton’s The Steakhouse, wine and champagne provided by Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe, a silent auction and iconic raffle with live bidding for a U.S. Open Mercedes Experience for two, and a runway show with Avant for Men, Belle Vie Chicago, Enaz, Juniper Boutique and Peach Carr. Buy your tickets here.

As with the prior events, Make It Better is proud to be a media sponsor of LAUNCH 2017. But even more importantly, I am honored and blessed to be the friend of the awesome Michael Rosengarden. If everyone lived with his convictions, what a wonderful world it would be.

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