Help Save Make It Better’s Print Magazine — Take This Survey, Become a Requester, Win Our $500 Shopping Spree

As you may know, Make It Better started 10 years ago as a little, volunteer-run online community resource for moms in Evanston and New Trier townships. It was known simply as Our mission was (and still is) to help our audience make their lives and the lives of others better because that is what affluent, well-educated parents are naturally inclined to do. rapidly grew in ways that we never predicted to become Make It Better Media. It now includes a bi-monthly print magazine, bi-weekly email newsletter called the Better Letter, signature events and awards, vibrant social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and my own accounts), MIBTV videos, nonprofit fundraising help and event sponsorships. We even started our own foundation and Philanthropy Awards!

Make It Better Media now provides powerful, positive connections to such an engaged audience (as well as the businesses and nonprofits they support) that Tribune-owned WGN Radio’s Justin Kaufmann called our platform and statistics “impressive” during my interview with him earlier this week. Please take the time to listen to it. Justin is a fantastic host.

Listen Here


The secret to Make It Better’s success is simple. With every article and activity, we create virtuous circles, which strengthen our community. We’ve built a powerful online network of trusted resources — businesses, nonprofits, websites — in the process too. Experts now refer to this as our “internet gold.”

Eight years ago, we launched our print magazine to reach a broader audience. It was entirely underwritten by advertisers. But recently, we’ve discovered that we actually can be more impactful if we return to an online-only model. Online connections and memories from great events last long after the impact of a print magazine fades.

However, we also know that many of our readers really, really like the print magazine.  Therefore, if you are one of those readers, or if you just love a good print magazine in general, we ask for your participation in our “what’s next” decision too.

Please take this short, confidential survey and be entered to win a $500 shopping spree too:



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