Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium Names Baby Sea Otter!

The name is in: Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium named its sea otter pup Luna! Welcome Luna to Chicagoland!

Here’s one more adorable reason to love Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium – Pup 681, a rescued sea otter pup. Watch This 

We are big supporters of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and here’s a simple way you can help our iconic institution– Vote to name their new sea otter pup. The Shedd is partnering with ABC’s Good Morning America to help pick out the perfect name for sea otter Pup 681. Voting on the GMA website begins today through Dec. 11. Please chime in and take a look at these adorable pics and the video of the cute ball of fuzz!

Here’s the schoop one the Shedd on the darling pup:

Pup 681 came to Shedd on October 28 through it’s collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  She’s been swimming past significant milestones over the last few weeks and has already doubled in size – now weighing a little over 10 pounds, Because Shedd has a history of naming animals that are rescued affiliated with the locations of which they were found, the names under consideration were: 

  • Cali – To honor the California otter
  • Ellie – Año Nuevo State Park is well known for its elephant seals, also Elkhorn Slough – an area that is right up the coast from Monterey that is home to many sea otters
  • Luna – Derived from nearby Half Moon Bay
  • Poppy – California State Flower
  • Aña or Anya  – Derived from Año Nuevo State Park

And Luna was the winner!