Church Rummage Sales: Community Meets Venture Philanthropy

A great rummage sale means a great community and venture philanthropy.

The North Shore Church Rummage Sale season kicks off this Saturday, at Kenilworth Union Church

Good people, treasures galore, 100% of the proceeds benefit the church’s outreach programs.  

Find a calendar of all the 2013 Rummage Sales here.

Oh the Unexpected Places Our Children Take Us!

Oh, the unexpected places our children take us in life!

Our son James is nicknamed “Logic Man” in our family because he always makes well-thought-out choices. He was born with a more mature perspective than some adults ever achieve.

So we were amazed when he called to say he was getting married in Tokyo about 10 days later.

This is the Japanese version of a Justice Of The Peace marriage. Two more traditional wedding ceremonies will follow next year – one in back yard and one in Japan. Wow, will they be well-married after all this celebrating!

I love it.



Our new inlaws, Shinji and Kaoru Torisawa.