Sleep – Glorious Sleep, Luxurious Sleep, Mysterious Sleep

Sleep – Glorious Sleep, Luxurious Sleep, Mysterious Sleep

Good sleep is as fundamental to a happy life as love and good food. But a “good sleep” can be more elusive. A tasty meal or a big hug – that’s easy, if you are close to home. But even in your own bed, a good night’s sleep can evade you.

My teenage kids marvel that I was able to give them hugs at all during my child-bearing years. “Mom, you were with babies and without a good night’s sleep for eleven years straight!” they tease.

Now I marvel at their need to sleep long, long hours.

Humanity is just beginning to understand the science of sleep. And it is mysterious and fascinating.

According to sleep expert Dr. Neil Stanley, teens really do need 9 – 9 ½ hours sleep each night. Not getting that during the school week could account for teenage surliness. Stanley also believes that teens would be wise to follow these additional rules too:

1. An hour before bed, relax. Shower, read a book for fun (a school book doesn’t count!) or spend time with family.

2. Limit exciting activities 1-2 hours before bedtime.

3. Limit light an hour before bed, including TV, cell phones and computers.

4. Raise the shades to rise and shine. Sunlight in the morning helps awaken the body and mind.

You can learn more to help you or the ones you love find a better night’s sleep by joining Dr. Stanley, Chicago Luxury Beds and Make It Better for:

Sleep Myths: Debunking cultural perceptions of sleep & the secrets to a great night of sleep at any age!

Friday, February 28, 2014 at 2 pm at A. Perry Homes
564 Lincoln Ave., Winnetka.

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Thank you A. Perry, Northwestern Settlement and Team Make It Better

Thank you A. Perry Homes, Northwestern Settlement and Make It Better stars for a relationship that is a growing circle of good.

Tony Perry, Katie Taylor and Ron Manderscheid

Above are Tony Perry (A. Perry Homes President), Katie Taylor and Ron Manderscheid of Northwestern Settlement at last night’s Wine and Warmth, in the Winnetka A. Perry showroom, where guests contributed over 200 winter coats and A. Perry contributed a $5000 check to the Settlement.

Katie fought tears as she told about a four-year old girl who received new boots and coat from the Wine and Warmth gathering six weeks ago. The girl said she had never felt so warm and that she didn’t ever want to take the boots off.

No child should ever be that unprotected in Chicago’s winter!

The A. Perry studio

The A. Perry studio

I particularly thank Make It Better’s Julie Carter, Sandra Miller and Michelle Weiss for developing the A. Perry, Northwestern Settlement, Make It Better relationship. These amazing women work miracles, ever growing the number of lives made better by their efforts!