Weave Yourself Into History and Connect With Great Women Through the Tiffany Circle of American Red Cross

Everyone has a Red Cross story, be it through disaster relief, blood drives, volunteer opportunities or classes, the American Red Cross (ARC) is deeply woven into our society. It holds a significant place in American history too. Who doesn’t learn about Clara Barton, first female federal employee and Founder of the American Red Cross, as a rite of passage through school?

Now you can connect with great women of our day and weave yourself into the fabric of ARC by joining its Tiffany Circle of women. Learn more here.

Here are some of the current North Shore Tiffany Circle members:

Members (left to right) Front row: Jan Tratnik, Fran Edwardson, Susan Noyes, Karen Teller (of Boston, featured speaker at a recent Tiffany Circle event); Middle row: Jana Schreuder, Sue Brenner, Cynthia Werts, Karen Hindman, Mary Pat Studdert, Susan Gallagher; Back row: Claudia Wolf, Aileen Blake, Kim Macpherson, Ginger Hellwarth, Alex Marren;
North Shore members not included: Virginia Blankenbaker, Alexandra Nichols, Cate Waddell.

And here is an example of how the Tiffany Circle can connect you with great women from around our country and the world.

And, of course, the Tiffany jewelry is a fun perk too:

Support Oklahoma Tornado Relief at Sprinkles!

We love Sprinkles! We love the Red Cross! And we love that Sprinkles is donating 100% of the proceeds from their delicious red velvet cupcakes to the Red Cross for Oklahoma tornado relief.

We’re buying 2 dozen tomorrow morning. Win for Oklahoma, win for the Red Cross, and I don’t care that it’s not a win for my waist.

Red Cross Red Velvet
Eat a cupcake and support...
As a native Oklahoman...

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