Running From Crazy, Amplifying The Good

Mariel Hemingway knows crazy. Her family famously has been battling depression, addiction and mental illness for decades – including suicides by her legendary grandfather, Ernest, and model sister, Margaux.

Determined to better understand and stop that family tradition – and hopefully shield her two daughters – Hemingway found that honest introspection and healthy lifestyle choices smashed her own psychological demons and depression. An Oprah-produced documentary about this, Running From Crazy, will hit theatres soon.

Hemingway’s eager to help others too. She recommends 10 easy steps to live a healthier, happier life in her about to be released book and game app “Running With Nature.”

Mariel Hemingway, Mindy Fauntleroy and me, in the family room at Midwest Palliative Center’s Marchak Pavilion

Me, a Midwest Palliative David Tingue, Mindy, and Karen Marchak at the Care Affair, Midwest Palliative’s gala last Saturday night (chaired by Mindy and honoring Karen)

Diane Falanga, Designs 4 Dignity President, and Mariel at last night’s gala

Lives Made Better – 92,901 and counting.

Recommended Reality TV – Duck Dynasty – Really!

Never believed this day would come. But I actually recommend a Reality TV show to you:

Duck Dynasty on A&E.

Three generations of southern All-American characters who stay married, enjoy family dinners, go to church and love nature. Of course, enjoying nature in their family includes outrageous 4 wheel vehicles, guns, alligators and burning beaver dams at night. And you will be amazed by all the natural facial hair.

Those hairy, wild men are married to smart, sassy, beautiful women – the kind you would be proud to have as a friend too.

My favorite quote by matriarch Miss Kay: “I wish that ‘gators was in season. I could have made gator balls. I LOVE gator balls.” I love Miss Kay.