Picasso and Chicago at The Art Institute

Chicago established Picasso as a great artist in the United States.

Picasso proved Chicago knew great art.

The new exhibit at the Art Institute brings the prolific artist to life, and reminds us of our great city’s visionary and taste making history.

Don’t miss it!


Thanks to Lili Gaubin and Laura Bay for Chairing Last Night’s Opening Gala, and to BMO Harris for sponsoring the blockbuster exhibit.

The Winning Attitude – The Chicago Bears Should Learn from Chicago’s Great Cultural Institutions

People, and institutions, get back what they give out. True winners are others-centered.

The Chicago Bears should learn from our city’s great cultural institutions.

Brian Urlacher, courtesy of Wikipedia

Above is Brian Urlacher.

As the Sun-Times Rick Morrisey said yesterday about the Chicago Bears and it’s star linebacker, “Urlacher doesn’t care about the fans. And neither do the Bears, who charge an average of $111 a ticket and laugh at you poor, witless slobs all the way to the bank.” http://www.suntimes.com/sports/17077782-419/morrissey-its-not-just-brian-urlacher-bears-franchise-doesnt-like-you-either.html

Lose for Urlbacher/lose for the Bears/lose for the fans/nothing left over for the community.

Contrast this to the Goodman, Joffrey, Shakespeare Theatre, Lyric Opera, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Art Institute, Lincoln Park Zoo and Shedd Aquarium. These institutions flourish because of their winning, others-centered attitude. They nurture greatness – the highest calibre productions, outreach & education, and opportunities for volunteers and funders.

Win for the institutions/win for the community/win for kids/win for volunteers and fundraisers.

Grandad – the Shedd’s oldest resident, courtesy of Shedd Aquarium

Courtesy of the Joffrey

Why This Was the Best Rush Fashion Show Yet

Why this was the best Rush Fashion Show Yet:

1. The models (mannequins) were real women, with real curves to whom the audience enthusiastically related. Hips are in, stick figures are out. YEA!

2. The board invited the participation of fashion design students from the Art Institute paired with Swarovski, and even welcomed the student designers to walk the runway with the mannequins wearing their creations.

3. Chair Cindy Mancillas stopped mid runway to take off her shoes during the finale. Gorgeous woman/real woman/job well done.

Art Institute fashion design student dresses

Cindy Mancillas, 2012 Rush Fashion Show Chair