Origin of Make it Better

IDENTIFYING, CGivingREATING, CONNECTING AND AMPLIFYING:  such helpful activity is at the heart of Make It Better. We are not just a magazine; we are a community resource. Every reader, advertiser and participant is important to this grow- ing, thriving network that strives to help.

Make It Better started as a website idea and magazine column in the late North Shore Magazine. The first column— in May 2006—highlighted inspiring individuals who founded nonprofits which foster dramatic change for the better. This included Dick and Susie Kiphart for their work building wells, schools and better health care in Ghana.Arts Alliance Illinois

Since then the Kipharts have created, given, and grown so much more—in Chicago, in the arts, in education, for the world. They recently received significant awards for this from the Arts Alliance Illinois and the Association of Fundraising Professionals – Chicago. Better yet, they’re chairing an ambitious plan to put arts back in every CPS classroom.


While the Kipharts grew as visionary philanthropists, Make It Better grew as a visionary community resource— online, in print and in person. We even bought North Shore magazine in 2009!


Now, we not only write about (and for) inspiring people, we also:

• Make it easier for you to support beloved community businesses and nonprofits.

• Connect to the best community resources for family, home, health, finances, food, fashion, education and entertainment

• Provide unparalleled support for and amplification of nonprofit fundraisingCommunity resources

• Create content for every medium—including events, video and social networks—and deliver it where our audience prefers to read, watch, use and enjoy.

Talk about a vibrant community! To help you understand all the ways our media can help you and others, check out the helpful illustration accompanying this piece.

And please talk back, shop or otherwise participate at makeitbetter.net. Your voice, dollars and ideas are important. The more you participate in Make It Better Media, the stronger this valuable community resource will become.