Yes, most definitely. Giving is the secret to getting ahead, along with passion and the ability to collaborate

Yes, most definitely. Giving is the secret to getting ahead – along with collaboration and passion.

Earlier this year, a New York Times Sunday magazine cover story posed the question “Is Giving The Secret To Getting Ahead?” The article – written by Susan Dominus – is based on an interview with Wharton Business School professor and best selling author Adam Grant.

Photo courtesy of NY Times

The article:

Our answer is a resounding “YES!“- particularly when that giving accompanies passion for the work you are doing and the ability to collaborate with others.

Tony Perry of A. Perry Designs who graciously served as host of the party last night for the Philanthropy Awards winners, judges, fans and Make It Better staff, is a perfect example.

Anthony Perry, President, A Perry Designs

Tony’s passion for design and working with people to help them build their dream homes launched his business. Adopting the Northwestern University Settlement House (NUSH) as a philanthropic partner to embed giving back into his marketing campaign to launch their Winnetka Showroom Opening fueled remarkable growth – for A Perry and NUSH, too.

We think of the A Perry Design/NUSH/Make It Better Media relationship as an ideal example of the kind of Virtuous Circle our business likes to utilize.

Therefore, we were particularly delighted that our Philanthropy Awards judges selected NUSH as the winner of the Most Improved Fundraising Philanthropy Award and NUSH credits A Perry’s support for their recent fundraising success.

Representatives of the NUSH preschool, Rowe Elementary School, beneficiary families, board, staff, Tony (back row 4th from the left, peeking over the blong woman in front of him) and Make It Better staff at NUSH yesterday, following the Award presentation.

Good business as well as good philanthropy flows when a leader like Tony prioritizes helping as many as possible – growing a network of good – as part of their core mission.

Thank you Tony.

Philanthropy As Part Of Business DNA Means Better Bottom Line

Expert Bruce DeBoskey states in a Denver Post article:

“By inserting philanthropy into the very DNA of a startup, entrepreneurs make community engagement an organic part of the organization. This simple step enhances recruitment, productivity, sales and ultimately the bottom line. At the same time, it builds stronger and healthier communities in which to live and work.”

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This is just as true in publishing as it is in other businesses. Our Make It Better audience loves and trusts our magazine and website because we grew organically by amplifying outstanding and authentic giving back efforts.

Measuring Lives Made Better

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Bill Gates recommends that we solve world problems by measuring them.

That’s a good start. But we encourage him to catch up to Make It Better Media. We measure Lives Made Better by our work too. That’s authentic venture philanthropy or innovative business help. Make It Better is very proud of these numbers as of today:

Lives Made Better: 82,582
Money Raised For Not-For-Profits: $1,811,122

Would love to help you too!

Better Deals – Much Better Deals, Really!


Make It Better is launching our Better Deals tomorrow. Think Groupon or Living Social, but much better for your community because businesses keep more and nonprofit partners share in the proceeds. Win for business, win for the nonprofit, win for your hometown.

To participate, please sign up through this link:

Thank you!