Michael Bloomberg’s Foundation on Anti-Smoking


Bloomberg's Anti-smoking initiativesT
Thank God for billionaires who take seriously their promises to give away much or all of their wealth to improve the world.  Because so many first world governments are deeply in debt, corporate philanthropy reductions, consumer distrust in the effectiveness of traditional NGOs because of systemic corruption in third world countries, these billionaires are in a strong position to make a real difference.

And they are smart and strategic thinking enough to invest their philanthropic dollars for maximum impact.

One example is Michael Bloomberg, who seems to be making progress on his vow to give away his entire $32.8 billion before he dies through his foundation.

According to a recent New York Times article, Bloomberg plans to focus his efforts on the following:


The progress Bloomberg has made with his foundation deserves attention and respect. His vow to give away his entire $32.8 billion before he dies is coming to fruition as this recent initiative shows.

According to the recent New York Times article, he plans to focus his efforts on the following; he hopes to sharply reduce high smoking rates in Turkey, Indonesia and other countries; bring down obesity levels in Mexico; reduce traffic in Rio de Janeiro (and Istanbul); improve road safety in India and Kenya; prevent deaths at childbirth to mothers in Tanzania; and organize cities worldwide to become more environmentally friendly and efficient in delivering services.

Quantified & Proven – his foundation’s antismoking initiative in Turkey worked.  More please.