The Winning Attitude – The Chicago Bears Should Learn from Chicago’s Great Cultural Institutions

People, and institutions, get back what they give out. True winners are others-centered.

The Chicago Bears should learn from our city’s great cultural institutions.

Brian Urlacher, courtesy of Wikipedia

Above is Brian Urlacher.

As the Sun-Times Rick Morrisey said yesterday about the Chicago Bears and it’s star linebacker, “Urlacher doesn’t care about the fans. And neither do the Bears, who charge an average of $111 a ticket and laugh at you poor, witless slobs all the way to the bank.”

Lose for Urlbacher/lose for the Bears/lose for the fans/nothing left over for the community.

Contrast this to the Goodman, Joffrey, Shakespeare Theatre, Lyric Opera, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Art Institute, Lincoln Park Zoo and Shedd Aquarium. These institutions flourish because of their winning, others-centered attitude. They nurture greatness – the highest calibre productions, outreach & education, and opportunities for volunteers and funders.

Win for the institutions/win for the community/win for kids/win for volunteers and fundraisers.

Grandad – the Shedd’s oldest resident, courtesy of Shedd Aquarium

Courtesy of the Joffrey

Living The Dream & Hoping To Help

My blessings are many and great – large healthy family, loving husband, fine friends, growing business, good intuition & common sense, born a US citizen, not bad shape for 55, birthing six kids, and not getting regular exercise, many opportunities to serve others, an audience who responds when I write or speak from the heart, and more.

I thank God every day for this abundance – then pray for wisdom to use them wisely and generously. And He responds by giving me more!

My trip to Paris this week with my 22 year-old daughter was a perfect example. The trip alone was incredible. But we even made friends with the world’s greatest soprano, Renee Fleming (who is smart, kind and much the opposite of prima dona), and her daughter Amelia.

Me; daughter Skatie Noyes, Renee & Amelia Fleming at a fabulous late night brasserie near the Bastille Opera House (where Renee had just performed Arabella).

And it got even better with a private lunch on Wednesday with the Chef Du Cave of Dom Perignon, Richard Geoffroy, in the Versailles-like villa built by the grandson of Dom Perignon, who is one of Richard’s predecessors. Like Renee, Richard is warm, smart, kind and the opposite of a prima dona.

Skatie Noyes, Richard Geoffroy, me, Amelia Fleming.

I’m living the dream – and oh so grateful. Praying to live with wisdom, generosity and helpfulness every day going forward. It seems that the more I give and love, the more life brings me.

Please let me know if I can pay it forward by helping you.