Safe, valued, worthy too – thanks to Designs 4 Dignity

Design 4 Dignity Ride for FidgnityFortunately, you and I inherently feel safe, valued, worthy. And we know that we matter.  But not everyone is as fortunate. Thanks to Designs 4 Dignity many who are struggling in life now find help in places that let them feel safe, valued, worthy and as though they matter too.

Enjoy a great day out and learn more at the first ever Ride with Dignity (north shore) bus tour.

Board the Designs for Dignity bus at the Wilmette train station onThursday, September 18 at 11 a.m. for this wonderful opportunity to see some completed Designs 4 Dignity projects first-hand.

Please click on the link below to order tickets (via the Events tab) and register by September 15.  I can’t wait to see you there!

Board President Diane Falanaga and her family Blake, Bianca & Mark

Board President Diane Falanaga and her family Blake, Bianca & Mark

Diane Falanaga, D4D President explains “We exist to provide positive and transformative environments to non-profits in need.  Our hope is that the people served in these spaces grow, thrive and feel inspired.  See for yourself that healing design communicates:  “You are safe, valued, worthy.  You matter.” Take a look at the before and after pictures below.

Design 4 dignity Before Pictures of warming houseDesign 4 dignity After Pictures of warming house

Running From Crazy, Amplifying The Good

Mariel Hemingway knows crazy. Her family famously has been battling depression, addiction and mental illness for decades – including suicides by her legendary grandfather, Ernest, and model sister, Margaux.

Determined to better understand and stop that family tradition – and hopefully shield her two daughters – Hemingway found that honest introspection and healthy lifestyle choices smashed her own psychological demons and depression. An Oprah-produced documentary about this, Running From Crazy, will hit theatres soon.

Hemingway’s eager to help others too. She recommends 10 easy steps to live a healthier, happier life in her about to be released book and game app “Running With Nature.”

Mariel Hemingway, Mindy Fauntleroy and me, in the family room at Midwest Palliative Center’s Marchak Pavilion

Me, a Midwest Palliative David Tingue, Mindy, and Karen Marchak at the Care Affair, Midwest Palliative’s gala last Saturday night (chaired by Mindy and honoring Karen)

Diane Falanga, Designs 4 Dignity President, and Mariel at last night’s gala

Lives Made Better – 92,901 and counting.

Opening Day at Wrigley Field

Susan & Wendy snuggling for warmth on the el after the game

Joined girlfriends Cheryl Berman, Diane Falanga & Wendy Serrino for front row seats behind home plate for Opening Day at Wrigley. Loved the food & service in the United Center, Opening Ceremonies (Bill Murray!), field appearance (real ivy in early April!), enthusiasm in the stands, outstanding performance of almost every player and female “ballboy.” If only we had won. Sadly, it was my favorite – Kerry Wood, – who lost the game for us.

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