Thank You For Making Pat

“Thank you for making Pat. He is an amazing human being … and a talented musician.” – Jack & his wife

Pat Noyes in his solo performance at FIZZ Thursday night. Photo courtesy of Jack.

Pat Noyes, our 28-year-old son, is an artist. He describes his specialties as:

Music, Film, Words and Surfing.

He particularly specialzes in making surfing videos which also feature his orginal music. You can find them here:

But his songs are about much more than just surfing. They are emotional and beautiful, in a Bob Dylan meets Elton John (if he played the guitar) way.

Growing up, we always encouraged Pat and his siblings to pursue their passions. But I have to confess that I’ve questioned the wisdom of that during the last few years as Pat has put so much time and energy into these activities which don’t produce income.

But Thursday night, Pat’s solo performance at FIZZ in Chicago brought in a wonderful crowd of engaging and engaged people. Best of all, it ended with a man named Jack and his beautiful wife saying to me:

“Thank you for making Pat. He is an amazing person and a very talented musician.”

And they are right. I’m very proud of you, Pat. Apologies for my doubts.