Aubrey Sings to Support JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

Behind every great young person is a fantastic mother.  Aubrey and Jennifer Woolford prove this point.

Aubrey Woolford

Team Aubrey, mother Jennifer is the first one on the left in the front row

Jennifer Woolford is a fantastic mom. When her daughter Aubrey was diagnosed with childhood Type 1 diabetes, she helped Aubrey turn this negative into a powerful positive –becoming a leader in finding a cure. Along the way, Aubrey has inspired many others and made interesting and powerful friends too–like the Jonas Brothers and U.S. Senator Mark Kirk.

Aubrey and Jennifer invite others to join Aubrey’s Wings team in the JDRF Walk along Chicago’s lakefront this Sunday, October 6th, or donate directly to JDRF with the message below written by Jennifer:

It’s a day we have come to celebrate too, all that Aubrey Woolford has become in this fight to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Some facts about Aubrey:

· She’s a child that during her first year of diagnosis, at age 10, made a speech at Discover Card’s Headquarters in front of 2000 people determined to put an end to her days of multiple shots and hassles when she should just have been spending her days being a kid.

· She’s a child that continues to speak any chance she is asked by JDRF to groups of Walk Teams out there walking for kids all over Illinois. This year at the close of one of her speeches, Aubrey had a group of 50 year old men rise to their feet clapping, inspired by her strength and commitment. The sentiment was from the heart and made great impact.

· She’s a young woman who went to Washington D.C. as an Illinois Delegate for JDRF’s Children’s Congress to thank the supporters of research funding and ask for even more!

· She’s a born leader who this summer had “the best summer of her life” as a Counselor in Training for Camp Barton, a Type 1 camp in North Oxford, Mass.  According to Aubrey, she was honored to carry a “reaction bag” to treat little ones managing this big disease by helping young campers test sugars and work to keep things in check. A constant issue for these kids…. all in the middle of summer fun and camp experiences. There is just no vacation from this disease.

We could not be more proud of the strength of Aubrey’s commitment to make an impact and forge on. It is so important to so many and she is steadfast in her commitment to keep the fight going strong.

So, please consider walking with us October 6th by joining her team “Aubrey’s Wings”. Its a chance to show your continued support of Aubrey, and a cause important to our entire family.

It isn’t easy managing this awful card, its super disruptive, isolating and scary sometimes, annoying and always, always there. No one should have to think about 3 hours from now.  They should just be able to enjoy now. We may take this for granted–Aubrey cannot.

We are grateful for your consideration as there are so many worthy organizations to support. This year, we hope you will consider any donation to help us make an impact on the daily, hourly, all encompassing challenges of this disease. We so want to nail it!  Click here to help.

Pictured above are:

1) Our Aubreys Wings Team from 2013
2) Aubrey with Senator Mark Kirk when selected a delegate for JDRF’s Childrens Congress in Washington, DC.
3) Aubrey and her brother Cooper and Best Pal when they met The Jonas Brothers. Nick Jonas is also Type 1 and super active.
4) Aubrey singing The National Anthem at a WAlk to Cure Diabetes in 2009

Let me know if you need any further information and thanks for the support! We are walking on the lakefront Sunday, October 6th at 9am!