Part 1; Best Annual MIB Supported Chicago Fundraisers

2013 MIB Philanthropy Awards

North Shore philanthropists use their love of big ideas, unique experiences, family fun, great home design, fashion, drop-dead glamour and ladies lunches to support a plethora of excellent causes. Over the next eight days, I’ll give you a sneak peak at Make It Better’s list of top annual fundraisers supported by our audience.  Of course, we’re starting with the annual events for the nonprofits who won our 2013 Philanthropy Awards.

See the full list of winners here. Please click on each organization to view their fantastic work and see the video we awarded each organization, within each links;

(Watch our Video of the 2013 MIB Philanthropy Awards Here)

If you are looking for a special experience tied to a good cause to support, we recommend any of them to you too. Stay tuned over for the next seven posts to cover fabulous NFP organizations in the following categories;

Service & Schools

Ladies Luncheons

Top25 Galas Supported by the North Shore

For Fashionistas

For Families

Art, Antiques & Home Decor

Fabulous Experience Auctions

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Last, but definitely not least…Mothers Trust

Congratulations to Lake County’s Mothers Trust Foundation, winner of the Human Services -Social Services Philanthropy Award.

Barbara Monsor, 90, to my right in the above photo, founded Mothers Trust to foster collaboration among Lake County social service programs to provide greater support for individual children.

Now – thanks to the network that Mothers Trust built – instead of treating each other as competitors, those social work programs really do work together and as a result, entire families are lifted up.

We’re honored and delighted to be able amplify the good that flowed from this mother’s heart.