InterFaith Youth Core Expands: Part 1

I feel compelled to pass along most amazing news I received about the IFYC.  Their premise is to train college leaders to learn about and embrace all religions so the world may better address and solve the many ills caused by religious intolerance.IFYC Leadership initiatives in Inter Faith

In just the past months, the team prepared for and executed two successful Interfaith Leadership Institutes (ILIs) in New York City and Chicago on the campuses of New York University and Northwestern. We welcome you to Chicago with open arms!

With the support of the President’s Faith-based Council membership, on which I also sit, the IFYC team was able to train nearly 200 interfaith student leaders over the summer, moving closer to the goal of 450 students trained this academic year. This is remarkable progress, and I am continually impressed by the young interfaith leaders they to work with.

As September begins, Founder Eboo Patel, a Rhodes Scholar and Obama advisor,  is back on the campus circuit with renewed inspiration, traveling near and far – from the public Utah State University in Logan, UT to the Ivy League campus of Cornell University in New York; from Loras College, run by the Catholic Archdiocese of Dubuque, IA since 1839, to Meredith, the largest all-women’s college, in Raleigh, NC.

Eboo doesn’t stop here. His energy is boundless and later this month, the team hosts a set of important IFYC events in Washington, DC, including a gathering on White House grounds.  You can help now by making a personal or corporate contribution here.

We continue to support IFYC  I’ve written about IFYC and Eboo for MIB in the past and hope to host him at our nondenominational church in partnership with a nearby synagogue soon. This is part one of a series on the amazing initiatives of Eboo and the IFYC as a whole.


What’s Love Got To Do With Health? Almost Everything

What’s Love Got To Do With Health? Almost Everything
Particularly The Love Of A Woman

Since the 1940s, psychologists have had proof that love and strong social ties keep people healthier.
– Couples in long term marriages live longer and healthier.
– Strong social ties without marriage keep people healthier too.

Who is most likely to do the hard emotional work in a marriage? Women
And who maintains social networks? Women – of course.

The data is unequivocal – good women are good for the health of humanity.

Thanks to Dr. Tamara Sher of the Family Institute of Northwestern University for making this clear, and for sage advice on Health: What’s Love Got To Do With It at a Circle of Knowledge luncheon yesterday. Recommended: the rest of the Circle of Knowledge series too:

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$675,000,000!! Raised by Women for Chicago

These awards were given to the Women’s Boards who have raised over $675,000,000 for Chicago’s cultural institutions. $675,000,000!! That’s power. Powerful women, powerful boards.

Kudos to the Chicago History Museum’s Women’s Guild President Joan Werhane for envisioning this and to the entire Guild for brilliant execution – bringing all the boards together for a beautiful celebration, which Make It Better Media proudly sponsored.

Also, congratulations to the following Women’s Boards honorees:

Adler Planetarium
Art Institute of Chicago
Bronzeville Children’s Museum
Chicago History Museum (Costume Council & Guild)
Chicago Horticultural Society
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Chicago Zoological Society
DuSable Museum of African American History
Field Museum
Goodman Theatre
Joffrey Ballet
Lincoln Park Zoo
Lyric Opera of Chicago
Museum of Contemporary Art
Northwestern University
Ravinia Festival
University of Chicago

Sherry Lansing’s Wisdom, Vision, and Humanity

Sherry in Make It Better orange (of course!)

Sherry Lansing is a Hollywood legend – the first female to run a major motion picture studio. And she was phenomenally successful in that role – producing hits like Forrest Gump, Braveheart and Titanic.

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