Shop Oak Street Chicago: Help the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and The World

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo
Win/win/win virtuous circles is a powerful idea whose time has come.
So is growing what is great about the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.  For decades it’s been ranked the best rehabilitation hospital in the country.

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Civic leaders know that Dr. Henry Betts led RIC to the top of the rankings because of his  extraordinary focus on patients, talent for advocacy and ability to implement leading edge research for people with disabilities.  Learn more here.

His successor, Dr. Joanne Smith, not only carried forward Betts’ legacy, she improved upon it. This includes her brainchild, the Ability Lab,” which put a high quality, light filled rehab therapy space decorated with positive messages next to appropriate research scientists and laboratories.  This proved extraordinarily effective and is one of the many good reasons behind RIC’s campaign to build a new hospital filled with similar spaces.

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Improving business by supporting local treasure nonprofits is another great idea whose time has come.  So, Make It Better is happy, happy, happy to be the media sponsor of the Oak Street Shop Around this Thursday, June 18 from 10 – 6 pm, at which participating stores donate 15% (not just 10%, rather 15%) of their sales to RIC.Could there be a better win/win/win, virtuous circle than this?You enjoy the best shopping in Chicago to support the best rehabilitation research and facilities in the country, with festival-like amenities that include live music, summer drinks and photo shoots too.
Please join us.Register here and you earn a free raffle ticket for fabulous prizes too: