Highlights of January 2015 at Make It Better Media

Good books, great design, good food and drink, great opportunities for our kids – all are essential elements to make life better.  All also are essential elements of our most trusted publishing company – Make It Better. We make it easy for you to find and support the best resources in your community.

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girlfriends-guide-to-book-club8 Book Picks for 2015  Ladies, the first book club session of the year is about to be called to order. Are you ready with your book choices? Here are several great options—some currently on the shelves, others coming later this spring—that are sure to generate a lot of conversation.

3 Arts Caarts-camps-harand-leadmp for Kids  Does your child love being in the spotlight or dream of being part of a theatrical production? These camps are perfect for those who have a passion for the arts.

10 Ways to Brighten Your Home with Color  Move over winter blues, and make way for winter celadon, fuchsia and plum! Pops of color are the perfect way to brighten your space when it’s solid gray outside.Decor with Color from Make it Better media

Recipe for Longevity: Exquisite Corn and Greens Soup  Award-winning Greek cookbook author Diane Kochilas explores the lush Aegean island of Ikaria in her newest cookbook, “Ikaria: Lessons on Food, Life, and Longevity from the Greek Island Where People Forget to Die” (Rodale Books, 2014).Make it Better magazine recipe

Buying Liquor with a Cause: Anthony’s Own  Anthony’s Own, Inc. is a Chicago company that manufactures all-natural, gourmet liqueurs. Available at Whole Foods, Binny’s and other select stores, the product comes in desAnthony's own Liquorsert flavors like Apple Pie, Bananas Foster and Peach Cobbler.

RPM Steakhouse  “These are the rolls you see when you close your eyes at night and dream of a better world.” The question begs to be asked: Does Chicago need another high-end steakhouse? Read here and see what the answer is.

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