Writing love letters to a broken world

“We’re writing love letters to a broken world.” – Bonnie McElveen-Hunter

My favorite sentence of the entire, incredible Tiffany Circle International Weekend came from Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, American Red Cross Chair, former US Ambassador to Finland and Founder and CEO of Pace Communications as she described the gathering and the work of the Red Cross:

“We’re writing love letters to a broken world.”

Isn’t that the work we are all meant to do? Amplify the good in our lives with love and help those less fortunate than us?

How proud I am to return home and realize that our Make It Better Philanthropy Award videos and other content do just that! Please see and enjoy too:


I thank MatchCut Video – particularly Producer Adam Rubin and Founding Partner David Canada – and Make It Better staff – CoFounder & VP Mindy Fauntleroy, EIC Julie Chernoff, Editors Lindsay Roseman, Coco Keevan and Anna Carlson, COO Sandy Tsuchida, Art Director Sarah Philippart, Graphic Artist Lesley Smith and Director Of Community Development Denise Borkowski, Ad Sales Manager Megan Holbrook and her talented staff of Patti Augustyn, Julie Carter and Jenny Newman. Their work is extraordinary.

This is my love letter to them. Their good work makes me want to jump for joy, just like these students at Philanthropy Award Winner Y.O.U.:

Thank You Eileen Fisher, Kim Austad & Amy Evanko

Thank you Eileen Fisher and your amazing Highland Park Store staff

Kim Austad – Store Leader

Amy Evanko – Assistant Store Leader

MIB Editor In Chief Laura Hine, Publisher Kimberly Carroll, CFO Sandy Tsuchida, Ad Sales Director Michelle Weiss celebrating the fruits of their shopping spree at Eileen Fisher in Highland Park last night. Thank you Kim & Amy! Your values are our values and our partnership rocks!

A toast to launch the Julie Wine Schaffner Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Friends, fans and her daughter join the late Julie Wine Schaffner’s husband and me at the Bottle Shop in Wilmette to plan a Wine Tasting Fundraiser for the Julie Wine Schaffner Fund to raise awareness of and fund research for ovarian cancer, which will be held at the Kenilworth Club on Friday, October 26th.

Julie loved wine (and it was her maiden name). We love her (and wine). And we want to do everything possible to promote earlier detection of this silent killer cancer. We plan to work as hard, smart and enthusiastically on this as Julie worked as COO of Lutheran General Hospital, mother of three, and friend to so many.

This beautiful group is the Host Committee of the fundraiser. Starting to the left of Tom and going clockwise around the table are: Anne Simcox, Sandy Tsuchida, Linda Steen, Lori Johnson, Kate McGaughey, Allyson Haut, Jane Litin, Lindsay Schaffner, Maryann Rasmussen, and Tom Schaffner.

Some divine intervention seemed to bless the group too. The American Cancer Society established a funding vehicle specifically for ovarian cancer this same day! Go Julie!