Fund Best Collaboration Practices to Grow Best Rehab Practices

“You have given money to an institution that gives life back to people who have had their whole life taken away… It’s much more satisfying to work with them than with politicians too.” – Senator Mark Kirk.

Senator Mark Kirk following his Keynote Address at yesterday's RIC groundbreaking, with me, Winnetka's Bonnie Balkin and Chicago's Julie Allen.

Senator Mark Kirk following his Keynote Address at yesterday’s RIC groundbreaking, with me, Winnetka’s Bonnie Balkin and Chicago’s Julie Allen.

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago has long been considered the best of its kind in the country. With yesterday’s groundbreaking and capital campaign launch for a new facility where researchers will work alongside patient care delivery, to be called the Ability Institute, RIC is poised to become a national leader for all research hospitals. The ability to collaborate and innovate often leads to solutions for the most difficult issues that humanity faces. Senator Kirk’s remarkable recovery because of the care he received at RIC’s initial AbilityLab–the concept from which the new hospital has been developed–is a good example of this. Bionic limbs like the one below is another.

Rosetta Robertson, 73. Photo courtesy of the Sun-Times

A place where the researchers work alongside the people who need their help is a simple enough idea, but one that is all too rare, especially in health care.  The Ability Institute bridges this gap, ensuring that funds will go to a real, measurable solution.  Therefore, a philanthropic investment in this new hospital should be effective venture philanthropy indeed.  

The Ability Institute of RIC