“The Mask You Live In” Changing National Dialogue on Masculinity

“Men need to model whole healthy masculinity and women need to value this…

“We saw a few great commercials during the Superbowl that talked about real strength – about men not being physical but rather about them being caring and compassionate, taking care of loved ones.”

       – Jennifer Siebel Newsom, from MIB TV Q&A

She has a Stanford MBA, is a member of the Global Advisory Board of the Dove Self Esteem Project and a Commissioner of the Girl Scouts Healthy Media Project. Her husband is California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and – oh yeah – just d
jennifer siebel newsomeclared his candidacy for Governor while she was speaking to a group in my Chicagoland sun room. But, it’s Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s role as a mother of three young children that really drives her.  Newsom is on a mission to forever change damaging stereotypes and our national conversation about gender through the nonprofit she founded – The Representation Project  – and her work as a document
ary filmmaker.

TRP uses film and media content to drive social change. Her first film about female stereotyping – the award-winning “Miss Representation” – sparked passionate national conversation. TRP’s efforts led to change for the better in Superbowl commercials this year. 

The Mask You Live In” is TRP’s newest film.  It’s the male counterpart to “Miss Representation” and premiered nationally to rave reviews at Sundance Film Festival.  It premiered regionally a few days ago through a Family Action Network (FAN) screening.  Please see it. And please be sure to watch it with the males in your life too.  My husband was so moved that he immediately found our son to discuss it with him too.

To learn more about Newsom, The Representation Project and “The Mask You Live In,” please watch our Q&A with Newsom on MIB TV here.

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