Love a Local Business? Please Help It By Voting Now

Last chance to vote. 

If you love a local business, you can help get the good word out about it to the entire North Shore and beyond by voting in Make It Better’s Best Of 2013 contest. It’s easy and you can even win prizes if you take the time to do this.

But voting ends shortly. So please stop what you’re doing and vote now. It’s easy and fast to do. I promise. Just click here and have fun.

Power Players – Please Help Choose the Magazine Cover

Our January magazine issue is about Empowerment. We feature women whose brilliant work helps empower other women. The title is “Power Players.”

Which cover do you recommend that we use?

Please vote on our Facebook page:

Cover 1

Cover 1

Cover 2

Cover 2

Warming Hearts & Hands at Old Orchard

Kim Lichtenberger, myself, and the Make It Better Foundation tree at Old Orchard

Thank you Kim Lichtenberger for creating a great design – and the largest coat in Old Orchard’s history – for our Warming Hearts & Hands tree at the mall.

Please vote for this tree at Old Orchard to support the Make It Better Foundation’s annual winter outer wear donation to the homeless.