Women Are Blazing Trails And Throwing Ladders Down Just To Help

“Women owned and women led businesses all over the globe are taking off at quite a nice clip.  Women are blazing trails and throwing ladders down just to make it better for other women too.” – Susan Rounds, Senior Vice President, Senior Director of Planning, Business Advisory Services, Wells Fargo Bank

Women Business Leaders Awards at the North Shore Womens Business Conference

Now is the perfect time to be a woman!

10 Tips To Help You Become A Better Leader

A few weeks ago, General William H. McRaven gave the most engaging commencement speech ever – to the University of Texas. He offered 10 ways any person can make the world a better, based on navy seal training. His recommendations included:

1. Measure people by the size of their heart, not by the size of their flippers.
2. The little things in life matter, start each day by making your own bed.
3. When you are up to your neck in mud, start singing.

If you haven’t yet seen McRaven’s speech, I highly recommend it to you here.

Last week, I enjoyed the good fortune of hosting the Women Business Leadership Awards at the North Shore Women In Business Conference, which is sponsored by 21 Northeastern Illinois Chambers of Commerce.

Inspired by the General’s speech and by the winners and organizers of the Leadership Awards, I offered the following 10 ways anyone can make the world a better place and be a great business leader. The recommendations include the names of the women who inspired them too.


Be a lifelong learner and incorporate the best ideas you learn into your work with others.

– Joy Foster, Deerfield Bakery


Inspire others with what you say and what you do to become the example you sought when you where younger.
– Buffalo Grove Fire Department Battalion Commander & Inspirational Speaker Wendy Durkin


Always see the best in others, help them see it in themselves too.
– Deb Guy, Executive Director of the Women’s Exchange

Collaborate well and create win/win opportunities for outstanding businesses, nonprofits and their communities. These virtuous circles help everyone grow.
– Megan Holbrook, Advertising Sales Manager, Make It Better Media


Do great work, but prioritize family, empathize with others who do the same. The most empowering words of all can be ““Susan today has to take care of Susan tomorrow, ” from the words of my Father.
– Susan Rounds, Senior VP of Wells Fargo


Pay it forward. Count your blessings and share them widely.
– Susan B. Noyes, Make It Better


Consider the people you work with as your greatest assets, never as liabilities.
– Adriane Johnson, Founder of Populus XP








Entwine your family, business and community. Create opportunities for each to support the other.
– Megan Quinlish Van Treeck, Owner of Irish Connoiseur 

Feed them well and they will come. Love of good food, good times and feeling good by giving back are the great common denominators.
– Julie Chernoff & Mindy Fauntleroy


Never stop improving, even when your work is already great.
– DBR Chamber Director Vicki Street & Wilmette Chamber Director Nada Becker