Women Are Blazing Trails And Throwing Ladders Down Just To Help

“Women owned and women led businesses all over the globe are taking off at quite a nice clip.  Women are blazing trails and throwing ladders down just to make it better for other women too.” – Susan Rounds, Senior Vice President, Senior Director of Planning, Business Advisory Services, Wells Fargo Bank

Women Business Leaders Awards at the North Shore Womens Business Conference

Now is the perfect time to be a woman!

I’ll Wonder, Observe, And Discover With Michelle Any Time!

With playful astrophysicist and Adler Planetarium President Michelle Larson

As president, Michelle Larson playfully connects Adler Planetarium to kids, scientists, internet sleuths, Obama, professionals, and more.

The Adler Planetarium hired the perfect woman to be President.

Michelle Larson understands how to make science fun and grow a network of support in Chicago and around the world.

Loved interviewing her yesterday and looking forward to amplifying all the good that she will do through Adler. I’ll wonder, observe, and discover with Michelle any time!

Always Dream and Shoot Higher Than You Know To Do

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” – William Faulkner

What could be better than my current life? That’s a question which probably is asked more by women than men or children.

We intuitively use ourselves to help our families and others first. So much so that we often need to check in and make sure that we are making ourselves better too.

It is as important that we dream big and go for it as it is that our children do so.

A Very Successful Male Proves That Men Need Women And Daughters Make Men Better

Wharton Professor and New York Times Sunday Magazine cover boy Adam Grant provides extensive data to prove that men need women and daughters particularly make men better in this article.

It states, “Is it possible that proximity to infant girls prompts greater generosity? Additional studies, in a variety of fields, suggest this is the case — and that it might extend beyond daughters.”  A perfect example of this is philanthropist Bill Gates, whose reluctance for charitable giving made a complete turn after his marriage to Melissa Gates and the birth of his daughter.

This also helps prove that females are the true change agents for the better, and that we were spot-on to target moms with Make It Better Media.

Weave Yourself Into History and Connect With Great Women Through the Tiffany Circle of American Red Cross

Everyone has a Red Cross story, be it through disaster relief, blood drives, volunteer opportunities or classes, the American Red Cross (ARC) is deeply woven into our society. It holds a significant place in American history too. Who doesn’t learn about Clara Barton, first female federal employee and Founder of the American Red Cross, as a rite of passage through school?

Now you can connect with great women of our day and weave yourself into the fabric of ARC by joining its Tiffany Circle of women. Learn more here.

Here are some of the current North Shore Tiffany Circle members:

Members (left to right) Front row: Jan Tratnik, Fran Edwardson, Susan Noyes, Karen Teller (of Boston, featured speaker at a recent Tiffany Circle event); Middle row: Jana Schreuder, Sue Brenner, Cynthia Werts, Karen Hindman, Mary Pat Studdert, Susan Gallagher; Back row: Claudia Wolf, Aileen Blake, Kim Macpherson, Ginger Hellwarth, Alex Marren;
North Shore members not included: Virginia Blankenbaker, Alexandra Nichols, Cate Waddell.

And here is an example of how the Tiffany Circle can connect you with great women from around our country and the world.

And, of course, the Tiffany jewelry is a fun perk too:

Thank You League Of Women Voters

“To the wrongs that need resistance, to the right that needs assistance, to the future in the distance, give yourselves.” Carrie Chapman Catt, founder of the League Of Women Voters.

Catt’s quote is as true now as it was when the League of Women Voters was founded in Chicago over 90 years ago. And the League still provides the best source for unbiased analysis of election issues that could help assist rights, resist wrongs, and create a better future for all.

The Illinois League of Women Voters just celebrated 100 years of voting rights for women. We thank them for their continuing good work.

The members of the League of Women Voters take a moment to join with the League Lady for a picture from left to right: Barbara Marsh, Henrietta Saunders, Sheri Latash, Joan Ziegler, Mary Hummel, Janet Kittlaus, Jane Ballengee

Impact 100 Chicago Awards $100,000 to Umoja

Marybeth Lernihan Impact 100 Chicago, Lila Leff Founder of Umoja, Ted Christians CEO of Umoja and Michele Polvere, Impact 100 Chicago

Marybeth Lernihan Impact 100 Chicago, Lila Leff Founder of Umoja, Ted Christians CEO of Umoja and Michele Polvere, Impact 100 Chicago

Impact 100 Chicago is a women’s philanthropic organization that annually awards $100,000 to a deserving organization.  This year, they awarded $127,000 to four Chicago-area nonprofits at their annual Grant Award Celebrations on June 6th.

This year’s main winner–the recipient of $100,000–was Umoja, an organization that partners with Chicago’s most challenged public high schools and helps reduce school violence, promotes academic success, and increases college enrollment.  The grant will be used specifically to expand its Restorative Justice Program at two high schools.  Kudos to them.

The remaining three finalists were ENLACE Chicago, La Casta Norte, and Sarah’s Inn, each receiving $9,000 for their work.  Find out more about Impact 100 Chicago and its amazing women here.


Wholehearted Yes to “Will Women Billionaires Make Better Philanthropists?”

I agree with Anya Kamanetz in her recent article “Will Women Billionaires Make Better Philanthropists?”.

They will because women are wired to look for win/win scenarios for the betterment of others.  As mothers and nurturers, they know innately how to make a greater difference for their children, their friends, and the world.

Laurene Powell Jobs, the wife of deceased Apple founder Steve Jobs, is one shining example.  I look forward to helping this shifting movement of givers and better makers.

Photo: Laurene Powell Jobs.  Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Proof – Women are the Change Agents for the Better

Layette items being given to 14 new mothers with challenging circumstances today by the Junior League North Shore Evanston, at the “Baby Steps” luncheon at North Shore University Health Systems Evanston Hospital, sponsored by Whole Foods and Make It Better.

Women create the win/win/win scenarios that make life better for many. Today’s Baby Steps luncheon is a perfect example of this. The largest new member class in JLNSE history, raised more money and had more fun leading up to today’s luncheon, where they empowered 14 new moms with their love and support, education by hospital experts and extensive supplies for 15 new babies. (One mother is having twins!)

Lives made better = 14 moms, 15 babies, 30 Junior League members, and 2 Make It Better staff.

Go women go!

Woodlands Academy’s Conge Annual Fundraiser April 27th

Images from Woodlands Academy

The mission of the Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart in Lake Forest is to “inspire young hearts and minds to excel, to lead lives of integrity and to serve the community.”

For young women only, the school is committed to faith-based community building.  One-third of their students receive financial aid, all of which comes from their annual fundraiser and the school’s budget.

The fundraiser will be held on Saturday, April 27th at the Glenview Country Club, starting at 6pm.  Please attend and help support the school’s service-oriented young women.  More on the event is here.