SOFA Chicago An Amazing International Art Show

What an amazing opening night at SOFA. Please see our article on How To Navigate SOFA Chicago and be sure to attend. It’s an amazing show. Remember, a point made in this article;

Be Yourself

There is no point in considering anything that you don’t love when you purchase art—you live with it after all, so the era of buying art to keep up with the Joneses went out the window with snobby gallery owners. It is a brave new world out there! Develop your own style and taste and be true to yourself.

If you can give the fair a full day, SOFA is an excellent opportunity to explore your own interest and taste in functional, three-dimensional artwork. Whether or not you purchase anything, it can be a worthy and entertaining day of perusing, watching, listening and sharing along the way.

Attend SOFA, have fun, enrich yourself, support artists and support what is so great about Chicago!


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